It is important to remember

Sat Mar 3, 2012 11:33 pm MST

You are Unique
You are Distinct
You are Valuable just being You.

Remember, You Are An Unending Horizon.
You unfold, evolve and discover a little more each day,
so remember, be gentle with you & handle with great care.

You are Born

First Words

Wed Jul 11, 2012 5:34 pm MST

first words

Cultive Imagination

Wed Feb 1, 2012 2:49 pm MST
Great creators understand that, like a garden, imagination is cultivated.
That the ground must be prepared, and seeds must be planted and nourished for our imaginations to flourish.

With the right seeds, careful preparation, and effective tools, the gardens of our mind will be filled with the fruits and flowers of imagination and great ideas - gifts that will resolve our problems, ignite our passions, and fill our lives with purpose, meaning, and deep-rooted feelings of happiness and well-being.

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Great Creator

How to Play a these Words Search puzzles

Tue Jan 10, 2012 2:29 pm MST


1. Before beginning each puzzle, take a moment to glance at the word-list, scroll down to read entire word-list.

2. Scan quickly over the puzzle box, about 3 seconds.

3. Once more go over the word-list, silently repeating each word combinations.

4. Choose which words or up to three word-line to hunt for. Your subconscious has already solved the puzzle, allow the words to ‘appear’ to you deliberately, and bring your mouse to the beginning or ending of the word-line, click & hold until you highlight the entire word-line.


As you practice this technique with the puzzle words (each word-line is considered a ‘word’), you’ll find it easier to access your subconscious information. Use visualization techniques to add potency and power to each game.  Picture in your minds’ eye, within the confines of your imagination or find it’s equivalents in your immediate environment for each word or concept.  You will find this enhances your success in solving the puzzles and allows effortless shifts to new openness, perceptions and views of your personal reality.


5. Of course you may play the puzzle the old fashioned way and seek out each word-line and highlight with your mouse.

Once you highlight the words, it will automatically be crossed off the word list on your right.

If you prefer no Sound Effects, at the bottom right of the puzzle-box is an icon to Mute.


Completed puzzle

Eye of the Storm Exercise

Fri Dec 9, 2011 12:54 pm MST

The Eye of the Storm exercise is a way of focusing and relaxing yourself when life becomes overwhelming. We do not always have control of the circumstances or situations that occur throughout a day but you Can control how you feel & cope & react. It takes seconds up to 3 minutes and the benefits of being centered, calm, in control and sense of well being will remain long after you finish.


Read the exercise, then stand up and practice it.


While standing imagine with all and every sense you can (visualize, smell, taste, feel, hear) being in a storm, such as a hurricane or tornado

Within the swirling storm is debris, perhaps elements of your life, issues with loved one, kids demanding your time, challenges in your work place...simply imagine these things/situations in the storm and you are moving, dodging, ducking from being hit by all these things coming at you.


Use your senses; remember the acrid smell of rain?

You can feel the wind whipping, pushing

You can hear the roar of the wind, perhaps pounding of rain

You can see items tossed around flying through the air


Now, take two steps forward into the 'eye' of the storm where it is calm and still

The sky directly above is blue & clear

Observe the strom now swirling in all directions around you

Become aware that you are safe here, in the eye of the storm

Take a few deep breathes while relaxing your jaw, drop your shoulders and relax your belly

Be mindful of keeping your shoulders relaxed


Now, bring your attention back to the storm all aorund you

Imagine the storm moving away from you in all directions

Notice how the blue sky above expands and you experience the warmth of the sun

Allow the storm to move further and further away from you and dissolve, disapate, disappearing until you are now surrounded by a beautiful still, bright clear day.

Continue your day.


The subconscious mind responds to pictures, images & symbols.

By praciticing this exercise you are re-setting and instructing your success mechanism, your subconscious, to release overwhelming responses to whatever is occurring in your life, and it understands that even though these things still exist in your life, you can control, pick and choose in a deliberate, mindful manner what you will focus on.


I call the subconscious your success mechanism because it allows you to perform effortlessly throughout your day. Example: You do not need to 'remember' how to drive your car when you need to go somewhere, you simply place your key in the ignition and go. Easily previously learned task, habits...such as brushing your teeth are accomplished without do not have to remember which hand brushes your teeth, you simply grab the tooth paste and effortlessly perform the task at hand.


When you practice an exercise such as desribed above, or others presented here, you are programming or reprogramming how you respond... a lot of the time we react intead of acting, consciously to a situation, challenge, problem or circumstance. When you are calm & mindful, you are always in control, no matter what.

Conquer & Control being overwhelmed

Fri Dec 9, 2011 12:24 pm MST

It is not difficult to become overwhelmed during any time of the years, but add the holidays with all the additional tasks begging for your attentions. You may not be able to control your enironment always, but you Can control how you feel & deal with all the demands on your time, energies and life. Your breath is one of the most potent tools at your disposal; Take this moment to follow along with this very easy exercise:

Relax your jaw

Now raise your shoulders and drop them down

Relax your belly

Now, inhale through your nose while making sure your shoulders remain relaxed

Hold that breath for a second or two

Now, exhale very slowly, deliberately, intentionally, thinking of nothing but what you are doing.

Repeat this 3-5 times, simply being mindful of your breathing & relaxation of your jaw, shoulders & belly.

You will find that you feel instantly centered, serene yet energized with a refreshed, clear mind.

Now you are able to calmly focus and organize your day for optimal results.

This is a great exercise to practice any time of the day or night, before entering stressful situations, before initiating a project to clear and powerfully focus your mind, intentions and creative abilities to be your very best & feel your very best... Your power is within you at all times, simply remember to breathe in a mindful manner and delight on how easy and smoothly life becomes.

Words that Empower

Tue Aug 16, 2011 7:43 pm MST

Ever wonder what a Calling is? What do people mean when they talk about 'living an authentic life'?

This Spring of 2012 look for "Your Callings". This series of puzzles will walk you through exactly what a calling is, and all entailed in responding or not responding to a call.

A Calling can be a deep desire to do something, such as becoming a nurse, a dancer, traveling the world. Many times responding to a Calling is challenging to the depths of your being, challenging everything you believed possible from you and about life.

Not responding to a Calling can be just as problematic. Such as my own story of refusing for near 12 years to not respond to a Call. I was in complete denial, even though I recieved messages, signs and hard lessons. My life became a series of disillusionments, pain and loss. It was only until I was willing to accept this Calling that my personal & business life got back on track.

I shall share my story here with the release of the newest edition of Words that Empower, and of course you as a member of this online version of the books & interactive CD's will have priority and have complete access to these provocative, educational and entertaining puzzles. Til then, Warmest regards, Kate

Welcome Shining Spirit

Tue Jun 29, 2010 12:19 pm MST

Welcome to Empower Puzzles.

This innovative interactive website is based on the series; Words that Empower  

These word search puzzles are carefully crafted to enhance potent attributes within you, to affirm, validate and gently assist shifting a self-limiting perception.  Words are strategically placed within the grid to challenge the superconscious, conscious and subconscious mind.  Each puzzle utilizes NLP, which is a form of ‘anchoring’ information into the subconscious, Waking mediation which focuses the mind into a relaxed state thereby allowing you to absorb more information and Affirmations that focuses upon the positive yet provoking one to think about what they believe about themselves and their experiences of personal reality.  Many of the books/interactice CD's in the series are designed to teach through repetition and continual building of the affirmations, layering in essence that “You are an unending horizon”. The series is a meditation of language, concepts and word combinations intended to challenge your perceptions and perspective.

We shall be introducing a new 'puzzle a day', plus many more exclusive tools or catagories to assist alighning your intensions, focus and decision to create and live your life and aspirations to its utmost fullest expression.

As we continue to build this unique place of play, learning and personal expansion we will feature exclusive puzzles to:

Enhance self-esteem & self-confidence

Building a foundation with language for success

Conquer procrastination

Emerge from depression

Quell anxieties

Reinforce learning & studies of self-empowerment, universal knowledge

And so much more!

Most of all you will discover the magic within you all along.

You are an unending horizon.

Login often as we are expanding and adding new content everyday.

* Special note to Teachers, Therapists & Coaches: Give the gift of these tools to advance your clients ability to absorb all that you strive to teach in reaching their aspirations. All puzzles are designed to anchor potent affirmations deep within the subconscious. And it is affordable for everyone to access from anywhere in the world.

Please enjoy, and remember, I adore feedback!

Warmest regards, Kate Ellis

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