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Did you know that it takes 88-1000 times repeating an affirmation before it begins to manifest in your life?


Introduction to Words that Empower

Words that Empower word search puzzle are especially crafted to shift your attention and focus your intention through a fun word-search format. These online web puzzles utilizes subtle forms of neural linguistic programming, affirmations and visualization techniques to reprogram your consciousness in ways you previously thought not possible.

LANGUAGE programs our subconscious which directs us to successfully achieve our desires or if used negatively to possibly limit our goals. Words are powerful tools, and used properly will enhance self-esteem and sets you up on a course for success in every area of your life. You are an unending horizon of potentiality. If you are familiar with the philosophies and teachings of Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins and other wonderful authors of this genre, you will enjoy these easy yet challenging word search puzzles and identify in a playful way how to maximize your success and desires.


These word search puzzles guide you through a series of positive goals and games to enhance ones life.

Words that Empower effectiveness primarily lies on the placement of the word-lines within the puzzle-box. The psychology of the collection of words is intentionally placed in various areas of the puzzle subliminally effect the subconscious and is quite stimulating. As one reads the word combinations it becomes an affirmation. You begin to focus your attention on positive words and concepts. The affirmations grow and strengthens as the puzzle is being completed. Some puzzles are in alphabetical order and others are designed as a mantra one could repeat to oneself. Both have a programming effect on the brain and the subconscious, while relaxing with a game.


Who Uses Words That Empower?

Adolescents and young adults who are beginning to form life’s belief patterns and attitudes

Anyone wanting to reduce stress & strengthen focus

Balance and harmonize the mind-body-spirit

Eliminate worn out negative patterns and re-program positive life supporting ones

Elderly and anyone who wants to strengthen mind alertness

Enhance and strengthen cognitive abilities

Enjoys games & entertainment with a purpose

Enjoys a progressive mental challenge


Reinforce knowledge & affirmations

As a meditation practice


A way to play without guilt


Absorbs time and Enriches the mind


Focuses on self improvement




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